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for financial professionals.

Everyone needs fixed income.

But not with low yields.

DCF is proud to be among the fastest growing companies in the nation and on the Inc 5000 list!

DCF changes the equation with
fixed income alternatives at higher returns.

What sets us apart, sets you apart.

Assigned payments from structured settlements offer higher returns than standard annuities and are backed by only the strongest insurance carriers.

Wall Street loves this asset class, but our direct relationships allow us to curate the highest-caliber payment streams for financial professionals like you.

The Assets

Structured settlement recipients at times sell their payments in a court-ordered legal process. We are experts in the acquisition of these payment streams and make approved, reviewed, and perfected payments available to our nationwide network of financial advisors after verifying:

  • Compliance with IRS regulations
  • Compliance with state-specific statutes
  • Independent legal review of all transfer documents

Once the payments pass our stringent due diligence, we provide our customers:

  • Regulatory advice by former SEC counsel
  • Tax advice by a major accounting firm
  • Payment servicing by an FDIC-insured bank

The Advantages

DCF Income Payments are a compelling higher yield alternative fixed income asset that offer your clients:

  • Diversity. We offer a compelling fixed income alternative to stocks and bonds that diversifies a portfolio.
  • Safety. Our payment streams are backed by large insurance carriers with strong credit.
  • Higher Yields. The assets we secure deliver a higher yield than traditional annuities and bonds of comparable credit quality.
  • Tax Efficiency. Our payments offer superior tax-deferral opportunities.

DCF Income Payments form the core fixed income for hundreds of advisors and a wide range of client portfolios, including retirement income, qualified (IRA) assets, special needs trusts, family offices, even banks and credit unions. We’d love to help you stand apart by serving your clients these attractive fixed income assets.

This is an excellent alternative for any portfolio seeking higher returns and stability.

Offer DCF Income Payments to your Clients with Confidence.

  • Stringent Internal Due Diligence
  • Expert Outside Legal Review from Amy Schwartz, B.H.H.S. PLLC
  • Payments handled by Goldstar Trust, an FDIC-insured bank and trust company
  • Securities Opinion from Murphy and McGonigle
  • Tax Opinion from Moss Adams

In the 9 years I’ve been involved in this industry, I’ve owned hundreds of DCF Income Payments and I’ve never lost a penny.

Stand Apart.

Offer DCF Income Payments with confidence to your clients for their supplemental and retirement income needs, special projects, and education planning. If you would like to review these assets and present them to your clients, apply for appointment to DCF Exchange.

It’s not too good to be true. It’s just too good to last!

DCF Exchange: Serving Top Advisors Nationwide

I’m Nathaniel Pulsifer, founder of DCF Exchange. Years ago in the course of advising clients, I discovered Discounted Cash Flow payments from assigned structured settlements. It was immediately clear that these high credit quality, higher yield and lower priced fixed income payments offered a superior benefit for clients, and over the years I have placed millions into these assets. I formed DCF Exchange in 2016 to bring this little-known opportunity to top advisors and their clients.

I’m Ross Pearlstone.  After 25 years on Wall Street as an interest rate swaps broker, I retired in 2012, and an investment in a startup introduced me to Nathaniel.  Within a few years we formed DCF Exchange as we shared a passion for bringing more efficiency and better yields yield to advisors using these high credit quality fixed income payments.  As both an investor and a business owner, I know these payments offer a superior benefit for clients, and I have been an investor in the asset class for nearly 10 years without ever losing a penny.

What our customers say about DCF Exchange

“I have worked with DCF a little over 2…”

I have worked with DCF a little over 2 years and have found Nathaniel and Ross the most knowledgeable owners I’ve worked with. In addition, their products are exceptional as I have sold them in IRAs, personal retirement, for Grandchildren, for college expenses and replacements for low yielding CD’s. I will continue to offer them to all clients that need a guaranteed Fixed Rate from Major Insurance Carriers.


“Most definitely now is A Generational Opportunity….

Most definitely now is “A Generational Opportunity in Bonds (And Fixed Income!)” which is why I am doing what I’m doing – 6+% with COLA, wow!

“FLEXIBLE Design Capability & HELPFUL Consults”

I’ve had many conversations with one of the firm’s Principals, Nathaniel Pulsifer , and he is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of this asset class, and is always willing to customize his inventory to fit my clients’ needs, when possible. ALSO, the DCF illustration system is very easy to use for client presentation and to do what-if scenario modeling!

“Purchasing payment streams from DCF”

I have purchased a few payment streams and am in the process of purchasing another one today. Nathaniel and his staff are great to work with. The transactions have been easy to finalize and the monthly payments have all been received on time, as expected. I have purchased payment streams from 3 other companies and, working with DCF is, by far, the best experience. Nathaniel and his staff really care about providing good customer service. They are responsive and work to earn your business. I have been very happy with my experience with DCF Exchange.

“DCF bought my payment streams….

DCF bought my payment streams- They were quick, Nathaniel was very responsive and easy to work with, and got it done in just a few days.

“Fast, easy process for sale of SMA’s”

Fast, easy process for sale of SMA’s. ACH and wire of money, and the GoldStar relationship make this a very easy process. The DocuSign system used makes it easy to work with clients since there is no in person meeting required. Although we do like to meet in person with clients… will use DCF Exchange for all SMA sales!!!!! A ++++++++

“I have worked with Nathaniel at DCF for…”

I have worked with Nathaniel at DCF for years. Everything is always professional and seamless. A pleasure to work with.

“This is the second transaction I did…”

This is the second transaction I did with Nathaniel Pulsifer at DCF and both went very smoothly. Clients are very happy. I try to incorporate these types of secondary annuities when appropriate. I would highly recommend Nathaniel Pulsifer and DCF to anyone who wants to incorporate these in a clients financial plan.

“These guys are the absolute best”

These guys are the absolute best! I’ve been working with Nathaniel and Ross for many years now, and there’s nobody better in the business. Their knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, and most importantly they are HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. I look forward to working with DCF Exchange for many years to come.

“I had an amazing experience with DCF

I had an amazing experience with DCF! Nathaniel and his team are extremely dialed into these specialty products and I definitely would work with him again! Thanks!

“Extremely knowledgable and ethical”

Extremely knowledgeable and ethical. A pleasure to do business with.

“How fast was that”

How fast was that? VERY!
I was most pleasantly surprised how quick and efficient my payment was processed. Very safe, efficient and accurate.

“Thank you for putting your platform…”

Thank you for putting your platform together. Very nice work, easy for everyone to complete transactions. Almost as easy as writing annuities was 20 years ago –you probably weren’t around when the entire annuity application was 1 sheet of paper, front and back. You could send in that one piece of paper with a check and the deal was done!

“DCF performed far above and beyond my……”

DCF performed far above and beyond my expectations from beginning through the end closing process and beyond. When there seemed to be an issue with the trustee, DCF stepped in and cleared up all misunderstandings and insured everything was correct. I should note that the misunderstandings were really on my part and, once I was finally clear, I now fully understand and agree. Thank you DCF.

“DCF has the investments in inventory ready for me…”

DCF has the investments in inventory ready for me to place with my clients…. instead of many “wait & see” situations offered by other firms. Additionally, Nathaniel has on several occasions “carved-out” just the right size investment amount to fit one of my client’s needs out of a larger case in inventory, or combined parts of several cases to create a combination that fits my clients’ needs perfectly!

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What We Do

Certainty For Originators

DCF Exchange is well capitalized as an institutional buyer of structured settlements.

Certainty For Institutions

DCF Exchange aggregates custom tailored institutional portfolios of discounted cash flows.

Certainty For Advisors

Industry leading inventory, at competitive pricing and commissions.


DCF Exchange principals have transacted over $100 million in payments. Our wealth of experience will support you in your business.

Low Cost Aggregation

Pensions, banks, private wealth management, insurance carriers, and a host of other institutions benefit from safe income from high credit quality carriers.

Industry Leading Support

Benefit from our experience helping you close clients with our safe income solutions.

Timely Payment

DCF Exchange principals have years of interest rate trading experience in both institutional and retail markets, and deal promptly with acquisition timelines.

Top Tier Structure

Our sophisticated legal structure and top tier payment servicing partner ensure transaction safety.

Customize Inventory

Tailor our inventory to your needs with marketing materials and dynamically streamed available cash flows.

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