DCF Income Payments™…. Safe Income, At a Discount

DCF Income Payments™

DCF Exchange buys discounted cash flows like structured settlements, lotteries, and individually owned annuities.  We are an experienced buyer with deep financial resources. 

DCF Exchange’s experience in the market and thorough due diligence process is extensive yet efficient, and allows us to acquire each payment in-house.  We put our own capital on the line first, in every transaction. 

Once all legal review is done, and done right, we make our proprietary DCF Income Payments™ available directly to institutions and through a nationwide network of agents to their end retail customers.


DCF Exchange buys Discounted Cash Flows.  We buy payments backed by annuities from structured settlements.  

The company is well capitalized and is constantly buying payments from a wide range of originating sources such as attorneys and factoring companies.


We perform all due diligence on these cash flows and purchase them in-house.

We utilize an industry leading legal structure to acquire assets, and employ specialist independent counsel to review each transaction.  We have partnered with a best-in-class third party payment servicing company that handles billions in client assets.


We distribute our proprietary DCF Income Payments™ directly to institutions, and through a nationwide network of agents to their end retail customers.

A DCF Income Payment™ is a unique “set-and-forget” guaranteed income product that helps investors achieve higher uncorrelated fixed income yields.

What our customers say about DCF Exchange

“These guys are the absolute best”

These guys are the absolute best! I’ve been working with Nathaniel and Ross for many years now, and there’s nobody better in the business. Their knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, and most importantly they are HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. I look forward to working with DCF Exchange for many years to come.

“I had an amazing experience with DCF

I had an amazing experience with DCF! Nathaniel and his team are extremely dialed into these specialty products and I definitely would work with him again! Thanks!

“Extremely knowledgable and ethical”

Extremely knowledgeable and ethical. A pleasure to do business with.

“How fast was that”

How fast was that? VERY!
I was most pleasantly surprised how quick and efficient my payment was processed. Very safe, efficient and accurate.

“Thank you for putting your platform…”

Thank you for putting your platform together. Very nice work, easy for everyone to complete transactions. Almost as easy as writing annuities was 20 years ago –you probably weren’t around when the entire annuity application was 1 sheet of paper, front and back. You could send in that one piece of paper with a check and the deal was done!

Want Transaction Certainty? Work With DCF Exchange

Certainty For Originators

DCF Exchange is well capitalized as well positioned as an institutional buyer of structured settlements.

Certainty For Institutions

DCF Exchange aggregates custom tailored institutional portfolios of discounted cash flows.

Certainty For Advisors

Industry leading inventory, at competitive pricing and commissions.


DCF Exchange principals have transacted over $100 million in payments. Our wealth of experience will support you in your business.

Low Cost Aggregation

Pensions, banks, private wealth management, insurance carriers, and a host of other institutions benefit from high credit quality guaranteed yields.

Industry Leading Support

Benefit from our experience helping you close clients with our guaranteed income solution.

Timely Payment

DCF Exchange principals have years of interest rate experience, both institutional and retail and deal promptly with acquisition timelines.

Top Tier Structure

Our sophisticated legal structure and top tier payment servicing partner ensure transaction safety.

Customize Inventory

Tailor our inventory to your needs with marketing materials and dynamically streamed available cash flows.