DCF Exchange Transacts Discounted Cash Flows

Dollars Tomorrow For Pennies Today

Vision For DCF Exchange

Discount rates and the concept of “Time Value of Money” form the core of finance.  Billions of dollars trade every day in discounted financial instruments in mainstream credit markets.

But in smaller corners of the financial landscape, markets are less efficient, and centralized places of exchange do not exist.

The long term vision for the DCF Exchange is to serve as a connection point- a true exchange- where sellers of discounted cash flow assets can efficiently connect with buyers.

Our core competency and initial focus is in annuity backed cash flows that stem from structured settlement awards.

Our Partners

Our primary vendor partners are the factoring companies who originate structured settlement cash flows- often referred to as Secondary Market Annuities or In Force Annuities.

For our originators, we are a professional trading partner and offer competitive pricing, simple titling, on time payment, and reliable execution.

We serve our customers- institutions and advisors- by streamilining access to the market as a capitalized intermediary.  We aggregate inventory, handle all the acquisition details, and develop useful distribution tools for our downline of advisors.

We deliver a higher yield alternative asset cash flow, in a complete and ‘done for you’ package with zero hassles or complexity.

The Team

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer

President & Founder

Nathaniel has been a full time participant in the annuity business with a focus on DCF Income Payments since 2011, which is nearly as long as individual investors and advisors have had access to the asset class.

Nathaniel has always operated as an independent business owner and performed roles in retail sales, product acquisition, finance, institutional sales, and consumer and advisor marketing at his various companies in the trade.

Prior to his work in annuities, Nathaniel was active in land and condo development, property management, investment syndication, and business acquisitions.

Nathaniel lives in Northwest Montana with his wife, two daughters, and too many dogs, horses and other animals.

Ross Pearlstone

Ross Pearlstone

Director of Capital Markets & Co-Founder

Ross specialized in brokering emerging market interest rate and foreign exchange derivatives at Prebon Yamane and subsequently ICAP PLC.

He pioneered new businesses in both Latin America and Eastern Europe, from non-deliverable forward foreign exchange contracts to new interest rate swap and interest rate option markets. He is a recognized leader in new product development from the City of London to Wall Street.

Ross is a self taught programmer with exceptional skills in GoLang and Javascript and has built discounted cash flow calculation tools for use in the DCF business. He’s not nearly as funny looking as you would think from this photo, but he does live in New York City. He is also an avid cyclist, and jazz enthusiast

Marina Romero

Marina Romero

Executive Assistant

Marina has worked with Mr. Pulsifer for nearly 10 years in digital marketing, lead generation, and project management.

She has been instrumental in the company’s move away from manual and labor-intensive processes into more advanced automated digital realms.

Marina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. Marina loves to travel and is on an eternal quest for the best burrito on the planet.

Our Partners

Gold Star Trust Company

Gold Star Trust Company

Escrow and Payment Servicing Agent

GoldStar Trust handles purchaser escrow transactions and payment servicing for DCF Exchange. Download GoldStar’s brochure HERE.

GoldStar Trust Company is the trust-only branch of a $4B Texas bank. The Trust company is one of the nation’s leading Self-Directed IRA custodians and is known for its fantastic customer service and attention to detail.

GoldStar serves as Paying Agent and Trustee for issuers of Church Bonds and Municipal Bonds in 38 states, and handles over 30,000 customer IRA accounts.

As a regulated custodian for billions of dollars of client assets, their expansion into payment servicing for DCF Income Payments is a natural extension of their capabilities.



Retail Sales Advisor

DCFAnnuities.com is one of several DCF advisors offering DCF Income Payments.

The DCFAnnuities.com financial planning practice focuses on fixed, safe retirement income from sources that offer the optimal combination of safety, flexibility, and profitability.

For many customers, DCF Income Payments serve as an integral core to that financial plan.

Gold Star Trust Company

Gold Star Trust Company

Preferred Self Directed IRA Custodian

GoldStar Trust Company is one of the nation’s leading Self-Directed IRA custodians with over twenty years of experience. GoldStar offers unique retirement solutions that allow investors to diversify their IRA portfolio with precious metals and other alternative investments such as DCF Income Payments.

Our diversified investment options and commitment to personal customer service have set us apart from our competitors.