The DCF Exchange acquires structured settlement backed cash flows from originators nationwide.  Consider us for all your liquidity needs.

Originators can download our File Review Criteria.  Please review and supply with closing books for faster review and funding.

Principal Buyer

The DCF Exchange is a principal buyer, utilizing its own capital on each acquired payment stream.  Originators working with us know they will be funded on time, every time.

We are well capitalized and have many years in the structured settlement industry, and decades of Wall Street interest rate and derivatives trading experience.  We offer established settlement purchasing companies a quick, reliable funding solution at a competitive cost of funds.

Clean Titling

Titling for our transactions is smooth and supplied immediately.  No contingencies, and no waiting around for a buyer name.
Our titling uses a business trust and payment service company numbering, and has already been approved by the major law firms and in-house counsels of all carriers, and is in use on millions of dollars of settlements currently.

Best In Class Payment Servicing

Our third-party account servicing is through GoldStar Trust Company, a Trust only branch of a $4B federally regulated bank.  They handle millions in long term payment obligations across several industries and are equipped to cost effectively handle your split-payment annuitant servicing relationships.

Fast Review

After court approval and receipt of documentation, we send each case immediately to our legal review team.  Our legal review criteria is commensurate with other professional market participants, and we fund immediately upon our attorney issuing an approval.  This review is typically less than 24 hrs for complete packages.

Repeat Purchasing

To serve our institutional and retail customers through our advisor network, the DCF Exchange is always buying.  We offer originators a quick, reliable, long term and highly competitive liquidity relationship.

Various Payment Types

The DCF Exchange is focused primarily on fixed structured settlement backed receivables, but we also selectively purchase life contingent and lottery payments. We utilize a proprietary life insurance wrapper, so allow us to bid your LC cases early to save yourself time and hassles looking for outside coverage.