I had a great email from an advisor recently about reserving a case, and it makes for a perfect case study.

Here’s  the email:

So I made a quick video about this:

And then a couple days later, I got this email follow up:

So I made another video as this makes for a great story:

I hope you can see above how easy this can be- Below is the rest of the information I needed to complete the reservation, and within a few days we had a transfer to the client’s IRA complete and the whole transaction closed.

I wrote:

Great news !  We have the three cases reserved for you.  All are in stock and ready to go (See attached  and please confirm is this is the price/ rate you quoted, or if  there are custom prices)
When you have a sec, please let us know the rest of the client’s information:

Payee Name:
(eg, ‘John and Mary Smith, JTWROS, or ‘GoldStar Trust FBO John Smith IRA #12345)
Income Payment Preference (Check or ACH)

If ACH, Pls Supply:
Bank Name
Bank Address
Acct Type (Checking or Savings)
Acct #
Routing #