DCF Income Payments Offer Increased Yield Increased Portfolio Certainty Secure Floor Income Longevity and Legacy Planning Target Date Income Planning

What Are DCF Income Payments

  • Assigned payments from previously issued structured settlement annuities
  • Payments from top rated insurance carriers
  • Sellers sell at discount, which creates higher yields and lower prices for Buyers
  • Yields from 4% to 6% are higher than comparable safe money alternatives.

Easy To Get Started 

  • DCF Payments are not securities
  • No Carrier Appointments Needed
  • No State Based Licensing
  • No Onerous Suitability Forms
  • No Lengthy Carrier-Mandated Product Training

Period Certain Payment Options

Our assets can be structured to deliver payments in any of these ways:

Income Now

Income payments starting immediately, typically within a few months.

Income Later

Income payments starting later, typically 3-10 years in the future.

Lump Sums

A single lump payment that will be made to the buyer in the future.

Use Cases for DCF Income Payments

Our assets are used in a variety of financial planning situations:

Income Streams

Immediate & Deferred Income

Highest Payout

Highly Efficient

Negligible Fees

Cash Or IRA

Qualified Funds

401K, Roth, or IRA

Qualfied Funds Accepted

Fixed Income

Fixed, Period Certain

Pays to Buyer Or Heirs

Zero Volatility

Non-Correlated To Markets

No Volatility

Innovative Asset Class

College Planning, Inheritance

Gifts, Pensions, Endowments

Lump Sums

Perfect CD Alternatives

High Yield With No Risk

Top-Tier Safety

AA Credit Carriers

Unsurpassed Safety

No Buyer Age Restrictions

Buyers of All Ages

No Purchaser Restrictions

How To Select And Purchase

How To Choose:

  1. In Stock cases are fully approved, ready for immediate resale
  2. In Review cases are court approved and in DCF’s legal review process.  Buyers can expect to close within 1-2 weeks
  3. In Pipeline cases are in an earlier stage of the transfer approval process.  Buyers can expect to close in 15 to 45 days.
  4. Insured cases are insured with life insurance.   If the seller dies before the end of the assigned payments, life insurance repays any principal and interest due to the purchaser under the assignment agreement as of the date of the seller’s death.
  5. Cash or IRA funds are accepted- Use GoldStar Trust as the self directed IRA custodian to purchase with qualified funds

How to Buy:

  1. Hold a case for 48 Hours to take it ‘Off-Market’
  2. Reserve a case by sending  in a purchase order with purchaser details (name/address etc)
  3. If using qualified funds, open a Self Directed IRA with GoldStar and rollover/ transfer sufficient funds.
  4. Closing book is sent by Docusign for review and electronic signature.  For IRA’s, the purchaser signs a Direction of Investment included in the closing book to complete the purchase.
  5. Closing book contains the contractual assignments from seller, to intermediary, and then to purchaser, along with the final court order, carrier stipulation agreement or acknowledgement letter, amortization schedule, and payment servicing agreement.

Closing and Cash Flows

Closing and Funding Process:

  1. No pre-purchase buyer deposits are required.
  2. Transactions are funded only after the purchaser has received and reviewed the complete closing book.
  3. Once purchaser reviews and e-signs the Absolute Assignment of Cash Flow and Payment Servicing Agreement, the purchase price is sent to the dedicated escrow account, and the case is closed.
  4. Closings are safe, quick and efficient through the use of a dedicated, third party escrow account and electronic signatures.

Receiving Income and Cash Flows:

  1. Income payments are received into a payment servicing account specific to each case and under the sole control of the purchaser.
  2. The payment servicer is GoldStar Trust Company, a federally regulated bank and trust company based in Texas.
  3. GoldStar receives payment from carrier and sends payments by ACH or check on to the purchaser, their  IRA if applicable, or to their heirs or assigns.
  4. Payment servicing allows for easy beneficiary designation, anonymity, and transferability to purchaser’s heirs, assigns, or estate.

Ownership and Heirs

Heirs, Beneficiaries, and Liquidity Provisions

  1. The payments will pay as scheduled to the purchaser or to their heirs
  2. Beneficiaries may be designated directly with the Payment Servicer
  3. Payments may be re-assigned or sold to another buyer
  4. DCF may offer to re-acquire payments from Purchasers on a case by case basis and at a market price determined at the time of resale.
  5. There is no partial or full cash surrender schedule. 

Creative Uses For DCF Income Payments

  1. Guaranteed Retirement Income
  2. Funding Assets for Trusts
  3. Grandchildren and Inheritance
  4. Funding Life Insurance Premiums
  5. Homeowners Associations and Reserve Funds
  6. Diversity for Banks and Institutional Investors