DCF Income Payments offer adjustable commissions to suit your practice. We work with advisors with a range of business models:

  1. Insurance focused financial advisors who are accustomed to fixed annuity and SPIA sales commissions that generally range on the low side.
  2. RIAs who charge based on total assets under management but who recognize the superiority of DCF’s higher yield payments over other fixed income options in a balanced portfolio
  3. Attorneys, CPAs, and fee-only advisors who take no commissions and deliver higher ‘no-load’ yields to their clients, or keep the higher yield for themselves when investing for their own portfolios.

DCF Exchange facilitates transactions using all these compensation models for our registered advisors.

But we do not pay commissions of 8%+ like some complicated hybrid lifetime income indexed Swiss-Army knife annuities with lots of bells and whistles… because by and large those types of annuities are a crappy deal for the clients.

Advisors contracted with DCF can view a quick video showing how to customize the commissions on DCF Income Payments to suit the needs of your clients and your business model.  Sign up at DCF Exchange to get access today.