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Selling Your Annuity Payments

You can sell your annuity or structured settlement payments for cash now. If your financial needs have changed recently, selling the rights to these payments in exchange for a lump sum payout can give you some financial flexibility.

DCF Exchange is a direct purchaser of payments. Contact us now to get the best price for your settlement annuity payment stream.

What Are Your Options For Selling Your Annuity?

When exploring sale options, it’s important to think about what you need, first.  You may wish to sell your entire payment stream, or only a portion, or just a specific number of payments.

Full Value

Selling all your payments liquidates the asset. Going this route, you can get the most money today, but you give up future income payments.


If you decide to sell only a portion of your annuity, you’ll continue to receive the portion you do not sell.  If your needs change again in the future, you can enter into additional transactions to sell some payments. For example, you can sell years one through ten of your annuity payments for a lump sum. After the ten years have passed, your regular periodic payments will resume.

Lump Sum

Similar to a partial sale, a lump sum sale allows you to sell a portion of your annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum. This means you’ll receive a specific dollar amount, which will be deducted from future annuity or structured settlement payments.

How The Process Works

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    Use the form to the right to get a free quote.  Tell us about the payments you have for sale and we’ll be in touch by phone right away. A quick phone conversation gets you a free, no-obligation quote that you can take time to evaluate.

  • Evaluation

    Take your time to evaluate the offer.  If our offer meets your needs, we’ll get started on the process.

  • Collect Your Money

    We’ll arrange the transaction, which may include a court hearing so a judge can approve your sale, and you get paid as soon as the transaction is approved.

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