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Financial Professionals use DCF Income Payments to generate a higher yield on fixed income, with no volatility for their clients

DCF Income Payments:

DCF Income Payments – also known in the marketplace as Discount Cash Flows, secondary market annuities, in-force annuities, and discounted annuities- are annuity backed payment streams that arise from structured settlements, and that individuals sell at a discount.

The annuities that back up these payments come from some of the highest-rated carriers in the world- companies like Met Life, Berkshire, New York Life, and Prudential.

For Advisors And Institutions

Advisors offering DCF Income Payments from DCF Exchange have a unique and competitive advantage. The payments offer a high credit quality payment stream at a discounted purchase price, thus saving thousands of client dollars over traditional fixed income alternatives.

Institutions working directly with DCF Exchange achieve stable, high yields with custom portfolios of DCF Income Payments, assembled in a bespoke acquisition program.

How We Serve Our Partners and Customers

We are a capitalized intermediary purchasing payments from a wide range of originating sources nationwide. With years of personal financial planning experience using structured settlement payment streams, and decades of Wall Street institutional interest rate trading experience, the principals of DCF Exchange are uniquely qualified in the space. We have the know-how to verify that all aspects of a transferred payment stream are secure, and we purchase each payment stream on balance sheet prior to resale.

Only after the acquisition legal work is complete do we make a completed period certain fixed income asset available to clients, at a yield that is superior to all other comparable fixed income sources.

Our simplified and efficient distribution platform, utilizing electronic documents and escrowed funds at a major bank and trust company, distributes high quality payment streams to advisors nationwide.